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Youth and facing history

Project “Youth facing history is youth facing future” is implemented since early 2010, together with the Nansen Dialogue Centre Sarajevo. Involves the participation of 20 youths from Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Vukovar, Croatia.

Main objectives of the project are:

To increase the level of intercultural competences and recognition of common values among young people
To outline an alternative approach of studying of cultural identity and facing the recent past, through positive examples as a possible model in working with young people from war devastated multiethnic communities

Conducted activities within the project are:

Summer school of civil courage and resistance to evil

In the framework of the project “Youth facing history is youth facing future” from 24th of August to 28th of August in Fužine, Croatia we organized Summer school of civil courage and resistance to evil. Youth from Vukovar, Croatia and Srebrenica, BiH trough their active participation in workshops and debating with lecturers discussed about identity, personal empowerment and youth activism in their local communities. Youth from Vukovar and Srebrenica recognized problems in their local communities and discussed about possible actions in their problem solving. Experiences, conclusions and gained knowledge will help participants in realization of activities of the project Youth facing history is youth facing future which will be realized in Vukovar and Srebrenica. Facilitators in the Summer school of civil courage and resistance to evil were: Drago Pilsel, journalist; Dražen Glavaš, communication trainer and Mario Mažić, activist of nongovernmental organization Youth initiative for human rights.

Project is financially supported by Norwegian Embassy in Republic of Croatia and Balkan Trust for Democracy.

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