Nansen Dialogue Centre in Osijek is a local government organization founded in April 2001.

Our vision is an inclusive and multiethnic community, while our mission is the social renewal of post-war and multiethnic communities.

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First art exhibition 24.04.2024.

After a lot of preparation, different activities, trainings, and research the first student artwork is done. The work of the students from the I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im Limanowskiego was showcased at the Warsaw art exhibition.

The students prepared a wonderful exhibition that touched on difficult topics, such as hate speech, the Holocaust and the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto.

It is impossible not to admire the dedication and talent shown by the students. Works of art, interactive positions – each element had its own meaning, each conveying an important message from young people to young people.

As part of the event, we have also visited the POLIN Museum, where we got to know and better understand the history of Polish jews.

The event was also really valuable because of the connection that was made between the Polish, Croatian, Italian and Slovenian teachers and students. They have shared their experiences and learned form each other, contributing also to being aware of the values shared across the EU.

The next project activity is planned for September, when the Croatian students will showcase their work, and host the other partners in Osijek.

Seminar in Jezerčica

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Online campaign

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Nansen dijalog centar

Cvjetkova 32, 31000 Osijek - RH

+385 31 494 257

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