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Our vision is an inclusive and multiethnic community, while our mission is the social renewal of post-war and multiethnic communities.

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The project UNITED – UNderstand, Inform, Think, EDucate is a cross-sectoral cooperation of public institutions, CSOs and teaching institutions involving Jewish history and education experts from Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and Poland.

Project objectives are to engage young people in the culture of remembrance and empower them to be aware and act in response to the antisemitism today.

Within the project the students will research less-known events from their local communities, related to Holocaust, and commemorate those events by using art to reflect on what they researched. The interdisciplinary approach will allow the students to get a deeper perspective of the Holocaust and more personalized approach towards it.

In addition, the project will promote EU values and raise the students’ civic competences. Using the gained knowledge, the students will implement an initiative for raising awareness of the hate speech in their communities today and make recommendations for policy makers on how to tackle that issue. By creating the network of students from Croatia, Poland and Italy, that will analyse the researched local events and get insight on how they relate to one another, and to the broader European context, the project will raise their awareness of our common history and values.

Through the art exhibitions/performances, student initiative and policy recommendation, and the “How to” guide the project will have an impact on the wider community.

The project consortium:
Nansen dijalog centar (Croatia) – Coordinator
Tehnička škola i prirodoslovna gimnazija Ruđera Boškovića Osijek (Croatia)
Glocal Factory (Italy)
Istituto Istruzione Superiore “Ferraris Fermi” (Italy)
Center judovske kulturne dediščine Sinagoga Maribor (Slovenia)
Warszawskie Centrum Innowacji Edukacyjno-Społecznych i Szkoleń (Poland)

The project is implemented from January 1st, 2023 –December 31st, 2024, and it is financed by the European Union through the CERV program.

Project latest news

International focus group

Last week we held an online focus group with 101 students and 17 other participants (project managers, teachers and stakeholders) from Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. Organized by Glocal Factory and... 

Online campaign

After researching hate speech and discussing it in class, the students started implementing the online campaign against it. The campaign consisted of a series of posts on partners websites and social media... 

Jewish Culture Month in Osijek

In cooperation with the Jewish municipality in Osijek, we have commemorated the Jewish Culture Month by organizing the workshop “Graphite against hate speech”. The workshop was implemented on September... 

International student training

On 25 May 2023, within the WP3 as part of the UNITED project, we held an international online training for students from Poland, Croatia, and Italy. The training was organised and hosted by the Center... 

Local teacher training

Continuing with the teacher training activities within this project, and following up on the Warsaw training, we are currently implementing local in Croatia, Poland and Italy. In the local trainings we... 

International teacher training

Last week an international teacher training was organized in Warsaw by WCIES. The event started on March 28th with an introduction and the presentation of WCIES and their Holocaust programs for students... 

Nansen dijalog centar

Cvjetkova 32, 31000 Osijek - RH

+385 31 494 257

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